About Us

10BUCKSAROOM.com is a Professional Cleaning Service That is Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry.

From day one, 10BUCKSAROOM.com has set out to change the cleaning industry. That focus has never changed.10BUCKSAROOM.com wanted to provide a solution for everyone, as we believe our services should not be limited.10BUCKSAROOM has streamlined the cleaning process where it benefits the customer and business.Now, 10BUCKSAROOM.com wants to share its proven business model with enthusiastic entrepreneurs everywhere.

10BUCKSAROOM.com is a professional cleaning company with over 20 years of experience.Five years ago, the founders of 10BUCKSAROOM.com came up with the idea of a simpler business model and got to work to prove that this business concept would be successful.

10BUCKSAROOM.com spent ZERO dollars on marketing and advertising when we started our proof of concept 5 years ago.The team at 10BUCKSAROOM.com wanted to prove that with the right brand, the company could generate revenue and create impulse buys.

In the beginning, only one service vehicle was wrapped with the 10BUCKSAROOM.com logo, mascot, and phone number.This branded van was parked at a local Shop Rite or a local Wegmans parking lot. Our professional cleaners were armed with only their branded uniforms and some business cards.Just from that exposure, people called the 10BUCKSAROOM.com 800 number to book appointments with us. It was that simple!

These impulse buys turned into residual income because the 10BUCKSAROOM.com service is excellent.10BUCKSAROOM.com brand is easily spread through word of mouth.10BUCKSAROOM.com is a business that has reverted to a grass roots approach and getting in touch with real people.So many businesses are impersonal in today’s world. 10BUCKSAROOM.com gives business owners the opportunity to create lasting relationships with their customers. It’s a beautiful thing to experience!

“Maid” companies waste a customer’s time with a complex process- contracts, hourly rates, and estimates.Not to mention there are so many fees “maid companies” require their franchisees to pay. Most “maid companies” make their customers first book an appointment with an estimator before the cleaning can begin. Not with 10BUCKSAROOM.com! With our simplified pricing model, no contracts or estimates, our customers can tailor their cleaning needs to what best suits them, without wasting time on guesswork. 10BUCKSAROOM.com offers residential, commercial, carpet and upholstery cleaning.We also specialize in move in/move out services, deep cleaning, and home organization.Booking an appointment is as simple as giving us a call or visiting our website at www.10bucksaroom.com!

Come join the innovative team at 10BUCKSAROOM.com as they pave the way to a progressive future in professional cleaning!